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Welcome to InSpiris Audio Magazine, where Spencer offers exclusive audio content, including short stories, interviews with remarkable creative people, and content from other artists. He will offer other unique digital content as he populates his platform.

Spencer's goal with a podcast-style magazine is to share some of the stories that inspire him, but in an audio format that people can enjoy on their digital devices.

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Current Book

Island of the Lost Soul

Island of the Lost Soul is a novel about love and forgiveness, empathy and growth. It's a book that may help people learn how to deal with issues that they struggle with by offering unique lessons for heart-filled growth.

You can find Island of the Lost Soul here:

About Spencer

If you want to know more about the Author

Spencer writes visionary fiction for the discerning reader seeking wisdom about expanded human consciousness in all its forms. His main characters obtain their larger spiritual potential.

He has written fiction all his life, but only after his life took a spiritual left-turn in the 1990's, he discovered his own expanded path and as a result, his writing assumed more of an inspired view, where even from traumatic life events, his main characters demonstrate newly-discovered abilities to grow beyond what a normal life prescribes for them.

What's Next

What is Spencer's next project?

Spencer is working on his next novel project about a boy who is given special god-like powers. It's will be a five-part series that will examine the nature of creative visualization.

The main character will learn about the power of family, grief and the ability to build worlds beyond our imagination.

Nathan Rideler has infiltrated a lot of my unfinished novels and attempted to gain a foothold in something worthy of his name. Now, Nathan will have an entire series that will chronicle the first 50 years of his life. He's going to be in for quite a ride.

Click the link below to find out more about Nathan and what trouble he's going to get into.

Visionary Fiction

What is Visionary Fiction?

Spencer writes in a newer genre of Visionary fiction. His characters experience supernatural and or paranormal experiences to learn important lessons for the betterment of their lives and of those people around them.

Spencer's interest in things of a paranormal bent began when he had his own 'paranormal' experiences that could not be explained away with science or skepticism. As a former military journalist, he learned to ask questions and apply critical thinking. He then began to ask a very important question - What If?

Spencer's fiction doesn't quite fit into metaphysical or supernatural genres as his characters tend to learn big lessons.

If you'd like to read more about Visionary Fiction, click the link below.


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